Professional training for young filmmakers in Gödöllő

Professional training for young filmmakers in Gödöllő

Young filmmakers traing was held in November 2017, in the Carplove Park in Gödöllő. 12 teams working with filmmakers, and worked on their short film "My City". Participation in the camp was a prerequisite for getting ready for a film schedule and raw, pre-recorded material for the participants. Professional directors of the camp were Anikó Maria Nagy director and Bence Bartos.
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This year's camp based on the knowledge gained last year could improve the knowledge of the participants, focusing primarily on cutting. Those who did not participate last year, for the first day of this year's camp, the professional leaders were given the opportunity to learn the basics.
"My City" was a theme for every team, for each participant, with different possibilities for film making. There were those who made a classical journey, presenting the sights of Gödöllő, who had seen the city of Gödöllő within a story. Someone who lives in Gödöllő does not feel this town either for her or on this topic, to be the most visible in competition. Thus, a film about Jászberény was born, where the young artist introduced a shared, beloved element linking music and dance to those living in the city. And so it was possible to create a small movie about Kányavár in Zala county, where the quietness and immobility of the countryside is immersive.
Title     Filmmakers
Fény     Kostyál Bálint
Lábas     Kostyál András
Kisbalázs     Mánya Kristóf
Gödöllő-RandomGDL      Kovács Bendegúz és Kókai Máté
Marcik Városa      Bartos Márton, Ferenc Márton és Kőműves Márton 
Líceum 25      Balogh Zsombor 
Csepel      Magó Viktória és Száz Hugó 
Falu      Unyi Péter Álmos 
Csíkszereda     Mánya Virág 
Matyi-Gödöllője      Teszáry Mátyás János 
A Zene várost fon      Sándor Gabriella 
Klipp      Vitovszki Regina Enikő, Burai Valentina és Ladvenicza Henriett 

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Young creators have freely and boldly used the opportunities offered by the different genres and the latest technology of today, with great professional support and fantastic and unique, fresh works have been created by our organizers. We proudly show these films to the public on online surfaces and at the International Nature Film Festival in 2018.

Our aim is to keep young people interested and keep in the future, to keep up and to know the film making and within the nature film. 

We look forward to getting more and more young people's news and achievements so far, and more and more people will be involved in our future film programs, whether it is a student film competition or a professional training. We look forward to welcoming you all in the future!

Thanks to the support of the National Media and Infocommunications Authority, which made it possible for young people who are interested in filmmaking in our region to have helped and gained professional development and building relationships this year. We look forward to hearing more young people in the future than the outstanding talents of the Hungarian film industry.

Organizers of the International Nature Film Festival Gödöllő