From 15th of November, 2017, we are looking for amateur, art and student applicants who wish to create and submit their indoor or outdoor sculptures made of recycled material for the Trash Art Hungary 2018 competition for Biodiversity.
Awarded films of the International Nature Film Festival Gödöllő from May 2017 (International Film Review and the Carpathian Basin Review) received a total of 93 international festival awards. International works won 68 prizes and 25 prizes have been won by Hungarian filmmakers.
We thank the work of the international and Hungarian jury, who judging from their success, made their decision very well.
Young filmmakers traing was held in November 2017, in the Carplove Park in Gödöllő. 12 teams working with filmmakers, and worked on their short film "My City". Participation in the camp was a prerequisite for getting ready for a film schedule and raw, pre-recorded material for the participants. Professional directors of the camp were Anikó Maria Nagy director and Bence Bartos.

TRASH ART HUNGARY project debuted in May at the International Nature Film Festival Gödöllő with huge sculptures and installations from wastes, and immediately became one of the most successful accompanying events of the festival. Several other Hungarian festivals invited the sculptures during the year. By introducing the art of recycling, the organizers and sponsors of the exhibition aim to bring the attention of the general public to the ecological footprint and our shared responsibility.


Green Film Network AWARD is the transnational award for the best environmental documentary of the year. Each year a festival, supported by the GFN, hosts the “GFN Award” taking charge of the organization and the prize. Planet in Focus, Canada’s foremost and longest running environmental film festival, is honoured to be hosting the 4th Annual International Green Film Network Awards, 2017.

Three outstanding Hungarian films, awarded by the 2017 Gödöllő International Nature Film Festival, won the special prize at the 33rd International Film Festival AGROFILM 2017 in Nitra, which aims at topics and current issues of agriculture, food, nutrition and rural life, to make it known and popular with the movie screen. All three Hungarian works have emerged from the field thanks to their special approach and theme selection, said Kerner Jaro, chair of the jury.
More than ever, we estimated appr. 40,000 festival friends with us in Gödöllő on May 26-28. and participated in one of the free program opportunities offered by the festival. Thank you, everyone, that we could reach this together and show how many people are interested in the nature and the environment protection!


Category/awards English title Country Director
International Film Festival /Nature film I:  Lemming - The Little Giant Of The North Hungary Zoltán Török
  Springtime Stories Germany Germany Annette Scheurich
  Polar Bear Summer Germany Klaus Scheurich


  • the best band:Sorbonne Sexual
  • Best solo / duo formation: Borsos Anna és Mackó Miki duó

Special Pricez:

  • Best sound: Fangler's
  • Best Instrumentation: Shaibo
  • Best Text:Platon Karataev
  • Best Female Singer:Sarusi-Kis Flóra (Flóra&Bálint Acoustic)
  • Best Male Singer:: Vincenzo Lo Buglio (Terra Profonda)
  • Winners of the  Stamusic. Studios Mastering & Production special pricez is The Bluebay Foxes

Trash Art Hungary competition of the International Nature Film Festival announces the two winners. The 17 sculptures made of recycled waste were based on the topic of ‘Dawn of a New Age - Anthropocene - Time of Man’. The jury announced two winners. The project was supported by the Ministry of Agriculture.

The aim of the project is to draw attention to waste problems and possible solutions

The sculptures and installations were admired by tens of thousands of visitors at the Nature Film Festival. They were in the center of media interest.