Green Film Network Award: the winners!

Green Film Network Award: the winners!

Green Film Network AWARD is the transnational award for the best environmental documentary of the year. Each year a festival, supported by the GFN, hosts the “GFN Award” taking charge of the organization and the prize. Planet in Focus, Canada’s foremost and longest running environmental film festival, is honoured to be hosting the 4th Annual International Green Film Network Awards, 2017.

Each GFN’s member presents a documentary, chosen from his last edition and produced in his own country, to show the diversity and the strength of environmental documentary creations around the world. For the first time this year, as a member of the GFN, the Gödöllő International Nature Film Festival could also submit two outstanding productions. Balázs Lerner: The Budapest Inferno - The Secret of the János Molnár Cave, which won the main prize of the 2017 Gödöllő Festival, and Szabolcs Mosonyi Silent Invaders took part in the competition. The entries could be made with the support of the Ministry of Human Resources.

An international jury has to watch the films on a private platform and award one of the documentaries.

On October 20th took place the awards ceremony.

The winner of the 2017 GFN Green Cinema Award is Plastic China by Jiu-liang Wang.

The winner of the 2017 GFN Green Vision Award is 24 Snow by Mikhail Barynin, which film won 3rd prize in 2017 in Documentary / Television Production, Independent Films category of the Gödöllő Festival. The Age of Consequences, which was a category winner at the Gödöllő Festival, was among the top six in this GFN section. 

Congratulations to the Filmmakers!